Athena Child Care - Encouraging developmental growth in a living and secure environment.
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Play-Based Learning

If learning can be done with lots of fun, then why not go with it. All of our learning methods are play based.

Best Child Care

We are considered to be one of the best child care in the locality because of the quality that we offer.

Progress and Challenges

We firmly believe that the progress of every child is based on the challenges that they meet and overcome them.

What Parents Say

Sports & Activities

Sports and activities are some of the most important parts of our everyday routine. We make sure that every child gets the minimum physical activity.

Writing & Speaking

The writing and speaking is something that needs to be trained at a very young age, and we make sure given every child all the basic lessons.

Playing Games

We have a lot of games that can keep the children engaged all day and enjoy every moment of it.

Wellness Center

The wellness center that we have will concentrate more on the health of children. We also have a session with parents to notify them about the health of the children.

Health Promo Activities

There are certain activities that are followed in our child care center that will contribute to the development of the health of the child.


Our Experienced Teachers

Linda R. Martinez

Linda has been part of our school for a long time. She is a very dedicated teacher who loves kids.

Lillian D. Young

Lillian is one of the most favorite teachers for many children. Most of the children love spending time with Lillian.

Dora D. Rodriquez

Dora is a very talented and dedicated teacher. When it comes to children, she never compromises on anything.

Recent Updates

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  • Special guest post from the allergen experts at Ready, Set, Food! Did you know that every baby is at risk for food allergies? New research shows that every baby is at risk for food allergies regardless of family history — in fact, over 50% of children...

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  • As luck would have it, there are oodles of St. Patty’s Day crafts to keep your kids happily entertained. We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorites that are just right for little ones. Simple St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Kids Rainbow StreamersA simple craft made...

  • No matter if you choose a child care centre, a family day care, or in-home care centre there are still few things you must take care about choosing the care-taker of a child. There are times when you need to make some important decisions and they are very difficult to make and therefore need some guidance. Below are mentioned few ways in which you can size up child care option

    Look down

    When you approach the child care centres, you must look around and see what is happening and how the care takers are taking care of the babies. By observing various activities of so many children and the way they are being handled and all things re managed altogether would teach you more than you know about the person taking care of them. Try to learn the unique techniques, like a caretaker has to be usually on the floor while playing and interacting with the kid or in their laps as the children needs a close and loving relationship with the adults to grow and learn the necessities. Commitment

    Ask for the commitment

    Children needs an affection, and requires a predictable and consistent care as this enables them to trust the company and makes them feel secure around. Usually children take time to connect to the care-taker and if the care-taker is not much committed it becomes difficult to make an attachment to the new care-taker and might leave a heavy impact on the kid. You must make sure of taking at-least a year’s commitment to save yourself and your chid from any complications and emotional stress.

    Do a policy check

    You must be sure if the person is good for your kid and you stand with him or her on the same pages when it comes to the policies. If you do not like to scold the kid and use some tough methods to correct you kid, you must make sure you find the care-taker who follows the same philosophy. Everything you consider important to the parenting like, not feeding snacks till a particular age, how much sleeping is offered, providing nothing but healthy food, taking care of hygiene and cleanliness, etc you must seek a care-taker who could as well take care of all such things. Make sure you mention all these things prior to avoid any confusion. Trust

    Trust your guts

    Being a parent you always get the feeling whenever it doesn’t feel good. Never ignore such feelings as sometimes gut feelings tells you an utter and blunt truths. You might have got the bad reviews about some care take or the care-taker centre, so instead of going beyond the responses, keep searching as you would never want to take any kind of risk with the baby. Problem Solve Pronto: You might face some conflicts with the care-giver, but that is normal. Everyone takes time to adjust with one another. Instead of reacting in a prude manner try to solve the problem and come to a solution.

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